CACHE operates a network of fixed-wireless radios at strategic locations throughout the Hood River Valley. In this infrastructure we are able to service most of the areas throughout the Hood River Valley. This wireless network provides a wireless alternative to wired Internet access solutions such as DSL and Cable modems. In rural areas, wireless may be the only way to obtain a reliable high-speed internet connection as it does not rely on legacy copper phone lines or coaxial TV cable.

What makes this service different?

  • Service is delivered over fiber-optic and wireless infrastructure owned and operated by CACHE for the exclusive use of CACHE members. Upstream fiber-optic connectivity is provided by LS Networks, which is partially owned by HREC.
  • All equipment is provided and continues to be owned by CACHE. If equipment fails CACHE will replace it at no charge to the subscriber. Equipment must be returned to CACHE if service is cancelled or otherwise terminated.
  • Wired and/or wireless home networking is enabled by the provided firewall/router. Multiple users may connect to the Internet simultaneously – without additional monthly cost.
  • No minimum term of service or contract is required. There is no penalty for cancellation of service. If you choose to cancel the service for any reason we ask that you return the inside equipment (router, power supplies, power/network module & attached cables) and we will schedule removal of your outside subscriber unit.

What will it cost?

Residential and Business Rates:

Installation Fee: $150 plus a $5.00 non-refundable CACHE membership fee.

  • 5.0* Mbps, $30.00 per month
  • 10.0* Mbps, $50.00 per month
  • 20.0* Mbps, $70.00 per month
    * Download data rate [Megabits per second] configured for this service level. See Note 1 below.


  1. Bandwidth numbers listed represent the MAXIMUM data rate available for the purchased level of service. No minimum data rate is guaranteed.
  2. Installation fee is a one-time charge that includes installation and setup of a CACHE provided router, outdoor Subscriber Unit, all necessary cables and setup of one PC. Cabling to and setup of additional computers, other devices [game console, etc] or other requested work may result in additional charges.
  3. Install fee can be billed all at once or billed in three equal installments of $50.00.
  4. We bill one month ahead. Internet charges are prorated on the first bill from your connect date to the normal billing date plus 30 days. Closing bills are prorated from the last billing date to the disconnect date.
  5. Charges may be assessed for site visits to identify and/or resolve issues not attributable to CACHE or CACHE provided equipment.

Seasonal Rates

HREC offers a seasonal rate for part-time residents where we will leave the equipment installed set to a limited speed for a reduced monthly rate. This prevents repeated setup/activation fees and possible service calls and allows you to resume your service at full speed on a specified date or with just a call into the office.

Terms of Service

By accepting service from CACHE you are consenting to our Terms of Service. A copy of the Terms of Service will be provided at the office during the signing for service.