HREC owns and operates a fiber-optic network running the length of the Hood River Valley from the Bonneville Power Administration transmission lines in Parkdale to the waterfront in Hood River, with Points-of-Presence in Parkdale, Odell, and Hood River. HREC interconnects with our partner and upstream provider LSNetworks in Portland over BPA fiber.

Direct fiber-optic connections for internet access and ethernet transport are available in many locations in the Hood River Valley. Fiber-to-the-home is available in some areas.

The footprint of our Fiber Optic network is constantly expanding. Construction costs will vary depending on distance, terrain, and existing infrastructure. Call for an installation pricing estimate.

Residential Fiber-to-the-home Rates (Download/Upload)

$35/month – 25/10 Mbps
$55/month – 50/15 Mbps
$75/month – 100/20 Mbps

Business Fiber Rates (Download/Upload)

$75/month – 50/50 Mbps
$125/month – 100/100 Mbps
$200/month – 250/250 Mbps
$325/month – 500/500 Mbps