The Communications Access Cooperative is a non-profit organization staffed by your friends at Hood River Electric Cooperative, providing internet and communications services in the Hood River Valley.


With an extensive network of wireless sites set at strategic locations throughout the Hood River Valley, CACHE is able to provide fixed-wireless broadband internet service to much of the Hood River Valley. This wireless network provides an alternative to wired Internet access solutions such as DSL and cable modems which often depend on a 3rd party carrier and aging infrastructure. Most wireless sites are directly connected to our own fiber-optic network providing excellent speed and reliability.

CACHE is the owner and operator of a fiber-optic network running the length of the Hood River Valley from the Bonneville Power Administration transmission lines in Parkdale to downtown Hood River, with a Points-of-Presence in Parkdale, Odell, and Hood River. CACHE interconnects with LightSpeed Networks over BPA fiber. Direct fiber-optic connections for internet access and ethernet transport are available in many locations in the Hood River Valley.

To compliment the internet service offerings, CACHE has partnered with a leading cloud email provider to host our local email domains.

Call our office at 541-354-1233 or send your questions to for more information.