Dear Members,

Libby CalnonDuring the past few months, your board of directors has been evaluating our organizational structure. Although it may seem like Hood River Electric Cooperative provides both electric service and internet service, there are two separate, member-owned, not-for-profit cooperatives operating out of our office in Odell. Hood River Electric Cooperative provides electric service, and the Communications Access Cooperative Holding Enterprise provides internet service.

When we began providing internet service about 15 years ago, CACHE was established as a separate organization to avoid potential financial risks for HREC and its members. Over the years, however, CACHE has grown into a financially stable, well-respected internet service provider. This legal separation no longer seems necessary.

In September, the boards of HREC and CACHE passed resolutions calling for a merger plan to be presented to the memberships of each organization. The merger would align the structure of the two organizations with how most members already see them. It would also provide administrative efficiency, because the combined organization could have one annual audit, one monthly board meeting, and one annual member meeting instead of separate audits and meetings.

Members should not notice any merger-related changes. Day-to-day operations will continue as they are, and we will continue to maintain separate capital credit accounts for electric service and internet service.

We will hold special membership meetings for HREC and CACHE in November to vote on the proposed plan of merger. The date, time and location of the meetings will be announced in next month’s Ruralite, and meeting notices will be mailed to each member.

Please visit to learn more about this proposal. We’re keeping a list of questions and answers updated there. You also may call our office at 541-354-1233, email or stop by our office to talk with us.

We look forward to continuing to serve you for many years to come.

Libby Calnon
General Manager