Last month, I noted our weather had begun to change toward winter. In the early weeks of December, an abrupt transition occurred with significant snowfall. Fortunately, although it was deep, the snow was not wet and heavy.

A small amount of freezing rain fell as well. The sturdy infrastructure I described last month can—and did—withstand both. Thus, there were no major power or internet service outages.

Since the severe events of January 2012, I get somewhat nervous when the National Weather Service issues winter storm warnings! The shorter days of winter mean the energy-saving benefit of the LED area lighting we deployed in recent years is at its maximum. While we have been pleased with the electrical performance and illumination properties of the new fixtures, a flaw in the mounting design and/or hardware has become apparent.

The mounting bolts on a significant number of the new units have broken, causing the fixtures to rotate on— or in severe cases, to fall from—the support arm. With hundreds of these units in service, it is a daunting task to visit and inspect each one. Hood River Electric Cooperative’s operations staff appreciates your assistance in identifying where corrective action is needed. Please look at the lighting in your neighborhood in the morning or evening as you go about your daily tasks.

If anything seems odd about the orientation or aiming, please call the co-op office to report your observations. In the coming weeks, staff will be working with an independent auditor to close out 2016.

Financial and operating data will be compiled for presentation at the annual membership meeting in March 2017. A nominating committee will be appointed, and the date of the annual meeting set by your board of directors at its January 2017 meeting.

The nominating committee is tasked with preparation of a list of nominees for director positions, who serve a three-year term. If you are interested in serving on the nominating committee, please contact one of the current directors listed on this page.

From the HREC staff and board of directors, thank you for your support and patronage in 2016.

John Gerstenberger, Manager