Dear Members,

HREC’s Performance Ranks High

Last month, we received a report showing how our 2017 performance in serving members compared with 813 other cooperatives nationwide. Hood River Electric Cooperative’s rankings were exemplary once again.

Our Prices are Affordable and Stable

HREC’s average residential electric rate ranked the 13th lowest of the 813 co-ops in the comparison, and the lowest in Oregon. By keeping electricity prices affordable and stable, we help you keep your monthly household budget more manageable.

To keep our costs down, we’re always looking for ways to run HREC efficiently. Our largest single expense is the wholesale power we receive from the Bonneville Power Administration. Together with other community-owned utilities in the region, we advocate for BPA to keep those costs affordable.

Our Service is Reliable

Another measure in which we scored well is providing reliable service. Our linemen work year-round to maintain the network of equipment that delivers electricity to your homes and businesses. In 2017, our service reliability ranked the highest in Oregon and the 35th highest across the nation.

We are Dedicated to Serving You

HREC’s continued strong performance is no accident. It is the result of the consistent direction provided by your board of directors and the dedicated efforts of our staff.

In my first several weeks here, I have been impressed by the diligence and care our employees demonstrate in the work they do. Our goal is to ensure we can continue to exceed your expectations with the services we provide.

On behalf of all of us at HREC, thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Libby Calnon
General Manager