Dear Members,

Sincere thanks from the board of directors and staff to the members and guests who attended the annual membership meetings of Communications Access Co-op and Hood
River Electric Co-op on the evenings of March 14 and 15, respectively. Your ongoing interest in the affairs and governance of your cooperatives is commendable and appreciated.

After giving attention to the auditor’s, attorney’s, manager’s and nominating committee reports, the members present re-elected Gary Bloom, Dick Sohler and Roger Nelson as directors for the next three years. I appreciate the return of experienced directors that have invested hours of their personal time to become knowledgeable of the financial, technical, regulatory and political landscape faced by the cooperative.

In my remarks, I described progress in the development
of new electrical load from existing and new customers.
In general, these loads have been smaller than original estimates and, in some cases, delayed in developing. I also provided a brief update on the status of possible transmission improvements. I reported briefly on business activities and the status of LS Networks and CACHE. Both continued their tradition of success in 2017.

Directors Butch Gehrig, Patrick Moore and Bernie Wells were recognized for 20 years of service to the membership. Gary Bloom was lauded for his 15 years of service as a director. Lineman Doug Balzer was congratulated for 15 years of employment by the cooperative.

While the news has been “on the street” for a while, I formally announced my plan to retire mid-2018. Your board has known this for a few months and is taking appropriate action to facilitate my replacement.

Watch for a feature article in next month’s Ruralite for additional coverage of the HREC annual meeting. I hope the story and the synopsis above will encourage you to attend the annual meeting next March!

John Gerstenberger, Manager