Tree Safety

The leading cause of accidental contact with power lines in Oregon is tree trimming or tree removal. Follow these common-sense safety tips:

  • Look up! If you see a wire in the area where you want to work, call Hood River Electric Cooperative (HREC) at (541) 354-1233 first.
  • Don’t build a treehouse in trees with power lines in them or near them.
  • Don’t prune a limb that is near or touching a wire. Tree limbs contain water and can conduct electricity.
  • If possible, let a professional do your tree trimming.
  • Although the “service” wire (from the transformer to the connection at your house) usually is insulated, never consider it safe to work around. The insulation can be worn, creating a hazard.
  • Remember that metal ladders and other tree-trimming equipment are excellent conductors of electricity. Stay clear of wires.