In Your Home

Using common-sense can keep you safe from accidental shock or electrocution:

  • Never mix water and electricity. That means do not allow a hairdryer, radio, or other electronic device to be used around water – especially the bathtub.
  • Make sure bathroom outlets have a ground fault interrupter (GFI) device installed. The GFI will trip the electric circuit if a fault is detected.
  • Replace cut, punctured, or worn electric cords. Never run a cord under a rug or through a wet area.
  • Use three-pronged plugs. The third prong grounds the circuit and prevents shocks.
  • Don’t mess with breaker panels or fuse boxes. If a circuit trips and you are not sure why, call a licensed electrician.
  • If an appliance is sparking or buzzing, turn it off and get it fixed or replaced.
  • Never overload a circuit. Big multiple-plug devices lead to overloading and the possibility of a fire.
  • Make sure portable space heaters have automatic shutoff devices should they tip over.
  • Never stick a fork or knife in a plugged-in toaster to retrieve a stuck piece of bread.
  • Always unplug electric devices before doing repairs.