Away from Home

It isn’t uncommon to find yourself away from home when a storm hits, causing power lines to fall. Never go near a downed power line. Treat all lines as dangerous until a utility crew arrives and deals with it. Other tips:

  • If a wire falls on your car, stay inside it. If you attempt to get out and one foot touches the ground, an electrified line on your car will complete a circuit to the ground. You can be electrocuted.
  • You don’t have to touch a wire to be electrocuted. Electrical current can flow through water, metal, or wet ground. If you are too close, you can be hurt or killed.
  • Never shoot at power line insulators.
  • Never fly a kite near power lines, and never go into a tree near wires to retrieve a stuck kite.
  • If you have a sailboat, always be aware of overhead power lines near marinas or areas where you will have the mast in the upright position.