High voltage post or High voltage tower
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Understanding Net Metering

By Paul Wesslund A controversial and misunderstood energy issue is net metering. At its most basic, net metering is a way of measuring and valuing the electricity output of privately owned resources. It requires utilities to buy excess electricity from consumers who generate electricity themselves. States and electric utilities have established net-metering programs to encourage […]

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Fruits of Labor

Colorful mural honors orchard workers By Drew Myron A mural in Odell stretching 200 feet tells local history that spans 200 years. Against an industrial backdrop, the colorful mural is a vivid thank you to the fruit workers of the Hood River Valley, says Maija Yasui, the area’s longtime historian and project organizer. “The mural […]

Lucy Medina cleans and touches up parts in the assembly process
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When a Window Opens

Cardinal Glass in Odell expands opportunities By Drew Myron Some strive for money. Others for fame. At a factory in Odell, the prize is admiration. “We are the world’s most admired glass company,” Dave Windsor, plant manager at Cardinal Glass IG, says again and again. Peppered in conversation, the statement turns to mantra among employees. […]

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Information About the Proposed Merger of HREC and CACHE

Background: Hood River Electric Cooperative is a member-owned, not-for-profit organization that has provided electric service to members in the Hood River Valley since 1945. The Communications Access Cooperative Holding Enterprise is a member-owned, not-for-profit organization that was organized by HREC in 2003 to provide internet service in the same area. HREC and CACHE both operate […]

Musical performance
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Happy Sounds

Jamba creates bonds through marimba By Drew Myron A summer breeze carries a deep sound—mellow, gentle and earthy—and Irene Kurzweil can’t stop smiling. At 92, she’s a slight figure against a massive wooden instrument. Her body bends into every note. A classical pianist and violinist since childhood, Irene took up marimba 23 years ago. She […]

HVAC unit illustration
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3-Step HVAC Test

As summer temperatures rise, so do electric bills. Follow these steps to test the efficiency of your HVAC unit. The outdoor temperature should be above 80 degrees, and you should set your thermostat well below the room temperature to ensure the system runs long enough for this test. Using a digital probe thermometer (about $12), […]