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Energy & Internet Assistance Grants

We are thrilled to announce that through a partnership with The Next Door, Inc., we have grant funding available to assist low-income HREC electric and internet service members. The funds, part of the Federal CARES Act, offer direct bill payment assistance and new installations of high-speed internet service for low-income members.

Members who wish to request assistance should review the income qualification levels in the table below. If you qualify, please fill out the Member Income Verification Form and return it to our billing department. For more information, contact us at billing@hrec.coop or (541) 354-1233.

Income qualification levels:

Household Size

Maximum Income (Per Year)

Maximum Income (Per Month)

























Member Income Verification Form – Printable PDF

Bill Payment Assistance Request

Submit this form to verify your income falls within the qualifying levels for COVID-19 Bill Payment Assistance.

Get Energy Assistance

The Mid-Columbia Community Action Council administers the Oregon Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and the Hood River Energy Program for HREC members. Please call (541) 386-4027 to find out if you are eligible for assistance in paying your HREC electric bill.

Give Energy Assistance

We accept contributions toward our Hood River Energy Program, which provides bill payment assistance to HREC members. You can use our Round Up program to make a donation, send a donation by check, or contact us and request that we donate your capital credit retirements to the energy assistance program. Contact us at (541) 354-1233 or billing@hrec.coop to learn more.

Round Up Program

Round Up makes it simple to donate to members in need. When you enroll in the Round Up program, your monthly bill is automatically rounded up to the next nearest dollar. Or, you can choose to make a one-time donation or a fixed monthly donation of an amount that you choose.

To enroll in Round Up, log into your account on Smart Hub, and choose “Round Up” from the menu on the left. Or contact us at (541) 354-1233 or billing@hrec.coop for assistance setting up a donation.

If you later decide you are unable to contribute, you can unenroll from the program at any time.