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HREC/CACHE E-mail Migration Notice

CACHE is beginning a migration to a new E-mail provider. We have chosen to partner with Rackspace, a cloud provider specializing in E-mail service. If your account has been migrated and you wish to access the webmail service, the link in the navigation bar above no longer applies to you. Webmail access for accounts migrated to Rackspace email can only be accessed at https://apps.rackspace.com/. You may still be able to log into your account with the old vendor through the old webmail link, but no new messages will be delivered to that mailbox after your email address has been created within Rackspace.

E-mail client setup instructions on this site are also no longer applicable to the new Rackspace service. After your account has been migrated to Rackspace, you can access step by set email setup instructions for a variety of devices and programs through the Rackspace email setup page at https://emailhelp.rackspace.com. Logging in to this email help site also verifies that your account has been created in Rackspace and that your E-mail address and password are correct.


If this is your first visit to the site, you may want to learn more about us and the services we offer for business and residential customers in the Hood River Valley. Wireless Broadband connections are available throughout much of the Hood River Valley and the city of Hood River. Fiber Optic connections for business are available in some locations.

Call our office at 541-354-1233 or send your questions to sales@hrec.coop for more information.

The Communications Access Cooperative is a non-profit organization staffed by your friends at Hood River Electric Cooperative

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